I just uploaded the 'Quit Smoking' YouTube video on the 'Tobacco' page. Seriously, please don't watch it unless you can stand the blood and guts. I just watched the beginning, and I felt sick. I won't give you details, just don't watch if you've got a weak stomach (like me). I'm serious. If you watch the whole thing, you'll probably puke or something. But if you're okay with the gory stuff, then please watch the video, because it looks very educational. Also please show it to people you know that smoke so that they know what is happening to themselves!

Just please don't watch it if you are sensitive, because I don't want anybody feeling sick because of me! Remember, the video is posted on the 'Tobacco' page.

9/18/2012 04:27:16 am

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9/20/2012 07:58:49 am

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