Nicotine is what makes tobacco so addictive. Here is some information of one of the most harmful things that they put in cigarettes.

What does nicotine do to you?

The effects of nicotine are huge. 7 seconds after smoking a cigarette, the body will want another cigarette. Why is this? Because they put nicotine into their cigarettes to make people get addicted to them. Even some people who try to smoke only occasionally get addicted. Nicotine does that, and makes you want to have a cigarette at all times. This is what makes nicotine so dangerous.

How can you tell if you're addicted?

Here are some signs of nicotine addiction:
- being unable to stop smoking
- when the person stops activities that don't allow smoking
- they keep smoking despite health problems
- if they try to stop smoking, they are still craving for tobacco

Nicotine Side Effects

Dry Skin
Oral Cancer
Lung Cancer
Larynx Cancer
Throat Cancer
Esophageal Cancer
Chronic Bronchitis
Increased risk of heart disease
Dull Senses
Complications in pregnancy
Complications in newborn's birth