Our Mission

We are 5 Grade 7 students from Westmount Charter School. We believe that smoking is a huge issue and that we all need to work together to solve it. We hope that this site will provide all neccessary information about smoking, whether it be marijuana, cocaine or just plain cigarettes. This site should show how smoking is harmful, and why you should not do it. Please see the links below for more smoking information. Also please read our blog and leave a comment, or go to the 'Contact Us' page. Also, go to the bottom of this page to see our forums!

Okay, the video below isn't related to our project... AT ALL... but it's a pretty awesome video that our friends from the Down With Industry team made! This video will tell you a lot about how being too concerned about how you look can lead to actually getting worse!
(After you've watched it: Didn't that anorexic girl kinda creep you out? Ugh, I would rather be fat than be THAT bony! EW it creeps me out so much)

Tips to quit smoking:
An anti smoking group for teens:
Smoke Free Delhi:
Scene Smoking is about smoking in Movies! A lot of teens start smoking because they see movie stars smoking on screen! http://www.scenesmoking.org/frame.htm
Some interesting smoking facts:
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Calgary smoking bylaw:

Here are some movies you should watch:
The Tobacco Conspiracy
Should I Smoke Dope?
Bannatyne Takes On Tobacco

Also, see some other websites made by Westmount students:
Down With Industry: www.downwithindustry.weebly.com
Save The Animals Canada: www.stacanada.weebly.com
Save The Animals America: www.staamerica.weebly.com
Save The Animals Worldwide: www.staworldwide.weebly.com
How Chocolate Is Made: www.howchocolateismade.weebly.com
Child Labour: www.childlabourconcern.weebly.com
Paws Furever: www.pawsfurever.weebly.com