I have posted some new things on the website, and the 'Take Action!' page is one of the new things on the site. That page is one of the most important pages, as you will need to look at that page to make a difference in the world. Sure, the information may have helped, but in order to really do something we will need to take action. More updates coming soon!


PS. So far I still need Wolfy and Talia to do some more... but Emi's making a list of things that we are going to do! Remember, make sure
1/4/2011 10:11:46 am

your website is soooooooo goooood

1/4/2011 11:34:15 am

thx! do u have a website?

1/6/2011 08:04:16 am

;) good site

1/6/2011 09:54:36 am

thanks! if anybody has a website, please tell us, because then we will add it onto the bottom of the front page! I have already added Oli's website, Justin's website and Kanishk's website! Please add a link to our site onto your websites too!


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