In Arizona, they are trying to reduce the prevalence of smoking! Here are their strategies:
· Peer intervention through treatment, education and marketing
· Educate providers to help members quit smoking
· Policy change and assessment
SAMHSA did a survey on how many people used cigarettes. Most of the people who used cigarettes were UNDER 13 YEARS OLD! Not very surprising though, because most cigarette ads are aimed at young people.
There is a new online thing that is pretty useful, especially for smokers! To go to the cost of smoking calculator, go to                                           
Another useful website is This has the smoking 'report cards' for states in America! Check to see your state's rating!
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Here is the page where we will post all of the latest news about smoking! Here we will also include some occasional poems to lighten it up. There is lots of news about smoking every day, so make sure you always check this page for the latest smoking information!

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